Learn to Swim

New to Fairfield Swim Club.....?  

 LEARN TO SWIM CLASSES start again Term 1 29 January 2019.

 email us so that we can arrange for your child to have a swim assessment with our Learn to Swim Coaches:

 Only takes about 5 minutes in the pool 

 Fairfield College Pool, Bankwood Rd, Hamilton

 Contact: fairfieldentries@gmail.com 

The Fairfield Swimming Club is accredited by Swimming New Zealand as a Quality Swim School.

The club runs a learn-to-swim programme based on the the Swimming New Zealand swimsafe programme.

Swimmers attend twice per week for a half-hour lesson.

Once swimmers have completed the Level 3 of the swimsafe programme, the club offers an improver's programme which we call the Junior Programme.

There are three levels of this programme which focus on improving technique, and increasing the fitness and stamina of swimmers,

The length of the session is approximately 45 minutes and may include some "dry land" exercises before beginning to swim.

Contact: Learn to Swim Co-ordinator: fairfieldentries@gmail.com

                                     Fairfield Pool Complex